MHSAA Sportsmanship Policy: Guidelines For Game Administrators

Guidelines For Game Administrators

The MHSAA requires that each host school have a game administrator that is in charge of each athletic/activities contest.

The MHSAA Executive Committee further designates that the Game Administrator in varsity contests in football, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and baseball be an administrator or his/her designee and this shall be someone other than the participating coach.

The principals of member MHSAA schools are to plan properly for game administrators to be present at all home contests.  The use of proper event planning will, hopefully, insure the successful hosting of the event.

Prior to any varsity contest in the sports listed above, the game administrator is required to conduct a pre-game meeting with the game officials, security, and both head coaches.  The purpose of this meeting is to make sure that all individuals understand their role in the athletic contest.  They should understand the level of expected conduct each is to display.

This meeting must include information of the following:

  • Welcome by Game Administrator.
  • Introduction of those present.
  • Reminder to officials that the MHSAA Executive Committee supports their efforts and that they are expected to enforce the playing rules.
  • Reminder to coaches that they are expected to display the highest level of conduct at all times.
  • Reminder to coaches that they should instruct their players to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  • Security should be identified and reminded that they must follow the security plan established by the host school.
  • Game administrators should identify where they will be located during the game should game officials or security need them for any reason.
  • Each school is responsible for the conduct of their fans and student body. If, however, a fan acts in an unsportsmanlike manner and it is recognized and reported by the game official to the game administrator, the game administrator should handle the situation in an appropriate manner.
  • Student sections at all events must be supervised by school personnel.
  • In all sports and activities, a game administrators conference will be held at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • A medical timeout shall include the location of trainers, ambulance or any other medical information that needs to be shared with both teams.
  • Game administrators, coaches, and officials shall not start any varsity contest in football, softball, basketball, soccer, track and baseball until the pre-game meeting has been held. Penalties for not holding a game administrator’s meeting:

First Offense:  $500.00 fine paid prior to the next home contest, no matter the sport/activity.

Second Offense: $1000.00 fine and Disciplinary Probation for that sport/activity.

Third Offense:  $1000.00 fine and Restrictive Probation for that sport/activity.

Guidelines in the sport of baseball and fastpitch softball: Fan sections beyond the outfield sections must be closely supervised.  Should an incident occur, the school will be subject to fines and possible probation.








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