Basketball Rules

Rules governing basketball

Rules Governing Basketball …. page 120, MHSAA Handbook (Please verify that all student athletes participating in the sport of basketball are eligible and submitted into C2C before participating) Refer to sports calendar for playing dates. Football-playing schools may play a maximum of 26 regular season basketball games including tournaments, exclusive of …

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Basketball rules changes for 2017-18

2017-18_NFHS_Basketball_Power_Point Click link above to download rules change PowerPoint Basketball Rules Changes – 2017-18 By NFHS on June 26, 2017 1-13-2: The coaching box shall be outlined outside the side of the court on which the scorer’s and timer’s table and team benches are located. The area shall be bounded …

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2016-17 basketball rules changes

Basketball Rules PowerPoint 2016-17 By NFHS on May 19, 2016  1-20 NEW: Non-playing personnel, e.g., spirit participants, media, shall remain outside of the playing area during a 30-second or less time-out during the game. Non-playing personnel shall stand outside the free throw lane lines extended toward the sidelines throughout the game. …

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