Because of the pandemic, high schools across America face unprecedented challenges. Teenagers are challenged like never before, too. Our not-for-profit organizations—the NFHS and the NIAAA—have pooled resources to produce a series of radio PSAs designed to make the people in your community aware of these needs and how participation in …

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Guidance for Media and Radio Services

Guidance for Media and Radio Services FALL 2020 Broadcast, print and digital media play an important role in a safe return to school-based athletics and activities for Fall 2020. The ability to keep family, friends and communities informed remains as important as ever. As always, schools are encouraged to accommodate …

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Baseball photos online

Photos of the 2017 MHSAA Baseball Championships are available for download on our photo web site (  for players, fans and students free of charge. You may purchase prints that will be mailed to your home. These photos are copyright of the MHSAA and may be published by member schools …

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