Medical Minute for pre-game conference

MHSAA Pre-Game Medical Minute (For All Sports)

Before each contest, host school game administrator shall discuss medical issues related to the competing teams, venue, and access to medical care.

Pre-Game Management Meeting shall include:

  1. The head coaches for all competing teams
  2. The head official
  3. The game administrator(s)
  4. The medical staff for both teams, including athletic trainers and sideline physicians when present

Topics to cover:

  1. Availability of emergency medical services are available, including location, access points to the venue, capabilities, and personnel responsible for initiating their services.
  2. What medical care is available to each team, and in what situations or areas of the venue they will be responsible for providing care
  3. Location of the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and person responsible for obtaining it in the case of emergency
  4. Special heat issues relevant to the venue, season, and weather such as presence of lightning detectors, heat timeouts, etc.
  5. Any other topic as determined by the game administrator or medical staffs



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