Host School Checklist for Conducting High School and Middle School Contests

HOST SCHOOL CHECKLIST: (Regular Season, Tournaments, Classics, etc.)

  1. Host school must receive tournament approval for sanctioning the event before the event occurs. All tournaments must be sanctioned (catastrophic insurance, out-of-state team’s approval, in-state approval of non-member schools, tournament receipts and expenditures).  Third-party involvement as a tournament host must be requested when approval form is submitted (charity organization, non-profit group, booster club, etc.)
  2. Game officials must be scheduled through assigning secretary (to be placed in DragonFly). Officials must be assigned through the district area assigner. Payment of game officials must be through proper school district process of issuing checks. (Host school and game officials are accountable for all monies paid to game officials, W-9’s, etc.)  Please take care of game officials before, during and after the game(s).
  3. Host school is accountable for all funds involved in the tournament. Ticket sales, gate receipts, tournament expenses, workers, other miscellaneous revenue and expenses …  recorded in a tournament financial report for school auditing purposes.  If payment of funds includes a third party (charity, non-profit, etc.), the proper school district process of issuing checks must be followed.
  4.    Host school administration is responsible for the security of the event. Adequate security must be provided in accordance to the size of the event (number of teams and spectators, parking, nature of facility, rivalries, etc.).
  5.  Host school must provide administrator supervision (before, during, and after the contest), and game management (taking care of game officials, pre-game coaches conference, game supervision, post-game activities, etc.)
  6.  Host school should follow their Security Plan and Emergency Action Plan when hosting the event at home or at another location.  Do not forget the new “Medical Minute” for the pregame management meeting with game officials.
  7. Please refer to MHSAA Covid -19 Guidelines for Hosting School Activities and Sports events.  Communicate guidelines and screening procedures with the visiting team coaches and administrators during the week of the contest.

MHSAA Handbook, page 44, rule 4.10.14 (Tournament sanctioning…approval, etc.)

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