Game Day Cheer Competition offered again

For the second year MHSAA has added an alternative to its competitive cheer competition called “Game Day”. With this addition to our state competition JH/Varsity squads are able to compete on a more even and equitable playing field.  This exciting option will be more inclusive, encouraging the state’s 290 junior high schools and 248 high schools to become involved in interscholastic competition. Competition is more than winning. With more participation in competition, students gain valuable experience in team building and goal setting while increasing their self-confidence and personal growth.

Game Day competition focuses on the skills we see our teams perform during game time: band chant, sideline chant, cheer, and fight song. With a reduced focus on tumbling and stunt skills, safety concerns are kept at a minimum and the added expense of choreography can become obsolete. Further, since these skills are performed each ballgame in front of a live crowd this allows for a simulated competition experience.

MHSAA State Cheer Competition will be held at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi Saturday, December 14, 2019.

For more information:
Mrs. LeAnna Dawson
Assistant Director of Activities

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