Rules governing bowling

Rules Governing Bowling … page 123, MHSAA Handbook

Please verify that all student athletes are eligible for participation in the sport of bowling.

The maximum number of matches per week will be two. The matches may include more than two teams or “phone” opponents.

The United States Bowling Congress High School Rules will be used, with some modifications in scoring when needed.

A coach may substitute a player at will, at any time before or during a game. Once removed from the line-up, the removed player(s) may not re-enter play until the start of the next regular or Baker game. A player once removed will be reclassified as a substitute bowler and may be used as a substitute bowler in any spot in the lineup upon legal return to play. A coach substituting any player for any reason must notify the match scorekeeper and opposing coach at the time of substitution.

There shall be three boys and three girls state championships – Class I (1A, 2A, 3A), Class II (4A,5A), Class III (6A).

Teams will pay $50.00 per team (boys and girls are separate teams), per event (Regional and State). This will allow the MHSAA to provide regional trophies (as in other sports), as well as compensate the bowling centers for hosting our events.

Schools are assigned to regions for Regional Tournament purposes only. A team is not restricted to regular season matches with schools in their region or class.

Practice begins on October 16, 2017.

The first match cannot be held before November 10, 2017. During the regular season, a match would consist to two

sets of three on three bowlers (league style). A total of three points from each school will be totaled. The school with the most points wins. If there is a three game to three game tie, the schools could choose to count total pins for the tie breaker, bowl the best of three Baker games, or choose to tie. The tie breaker should be decided before the match begins.

Regional Tournaments must be completed on or before February 3, 2018. In order for a bowling team to be eligible to participate in a Regional Bowling Tournament, the team must have participated in at least six matches (half of the maximum allowed by the MHSAA) during the regular season. The match could be head-to-head or call in.

Regional Tournaments will be hosted by schools/bowling centers in North, Central and South locations. Schools may submit their bid letters to the MHSAA.

Eight teams per class (boys and girls) will qualify for State Tournaments. The top two teams in each class at Regional Tournaments, plus two “wildcard” teams – the next two top scoring teams within the class.

The State Championship Tournament is scheduled for February 14-16, 2018.

The format for Regional and State Tournaments will be the same – A three game series with the top two teams advancing to compete in the best of five Baker series to determine the Regional/State champions. A team for Regional Tournament consists of 8 players – 5 starters and 3 substitutes.

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