Rules governing soccer

Rules Governing Soccer … Page 118, MHSAA Handbook

Please verify that all student athletes participating in the sport of soccer are eligible for participation. Please note the maximum number of games to be played for the 2017-18 season.

National Federation Rules will be used.

Refer to sports calendar for dates.

Two Classic games may be played the Saturday prior to the regular season with approval from the MHSAA. A Scrimmage may be played one week prior to the Classic with approval from the MHSAA.

Games not played on schedule because of the weather may be made up as the weather permits. No division game may be played until after the first weekend in December.

Soccer shall be divided into four classes, 6A, 5A, 4A and 1A/2A/3A. A state championship will be held in each class.

Championship in the divisions shall be determined as follows:

Each team shall play each opponent once unless all teams agree to play twice.

No division game can end in a tie. The final score of an overtime game shall be recorded as 1-0 for the purpose of the tiebreaker.

Refer to Tie Breaker Rule under SECTION D. Athletic Competition Rule.

Each district secretary will certify to the state office the names of the division champion and runner-up that will enter the state playoff.

The State championship series will be single elimination.

Due to some schools using the same coach for girls and boys soccer, girls may play Monday; boys may play Tuesday, during the first round only. A request may be made to the MHSAA office if the same teams to on to the second round.

Any interschool practice or scrimmage will count as a game played.

The principal of each host school must notify the Executive Director when and where all tournament, conference or division games will be played. After deducting fees for officials, the Association shall receive 15% of the gross gate receipts from all special games not on the regular schedule. The host school will be responsible for collecting and remitting the Association’s share of the proceeds. If the amount due the Association is not remitted within 10 school days from the date the game(s) were played the amount due the Association will be doubled.

According to the MHSAA and NFHS. The home team shall wear solid white shirts and stockings and the visiting team shall wear dark shirts and stockings. Both stockings shall be the same color, but not necessarily the color of the shirt. If visible apparel is worn under the jersey, it shall be of similar length, all alike and of a solid color. If visible apparel is worn under the shorts, it shall be of a similar length, all alike and of a solid color.

Reporting scores to MaxPreps is required for regular-season and post-season games.

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