MHSAA continues to focus on student-athletes

2019-10-18 MHSAA Newsletter

As we enjoy another successful fall season, the Mississippi High School Activities Association continues to direct its focus to student-athletes,not only in academic and athletic achievement but also in helping develop young people into excellent citizens. As a voluntary, non-profit association, our many and varied interscholastic education-based programs provide terrific opportunities for students to participate and excel in sports, activities and fine arts.

Since 1922, our state association of member schools has witnessed tremendous growth in the scope of its programs and has effectively dealt with the changing face of education in our world today. In those 97years, the MHSAA’s commitment to providing a wholesome athletic environment for young people who choose to participate has never wavered.

As an activities association, the MHSAA is a national leader providing opportunities for and promoting our fine arts participants on a statewide and national level. Mississippi’s fine arts program directors and students take their place among the very best our nation has to offer.

In this day and age, quick, effective communication utilizing up-to-date technology has enabled the MHSAA to effectively and efficiently communicate information updates and changes to schools. In turn, school administrators, directors and coaches can do the same with their parents and students. Monitoring trends in the digital media space, live video-streaming,social media, national organization online courses,scheduling contests and reporting results are high priorities as the MHSAA explores and develops more ways to support our member schools and enhance the programs they off er.

As of 2019, the MHSAA has 248 high schools and 292 middle schools and certifies over 100,000 students as eligible to participate in sports, activities and fine arts. Our core values of character, integrity, honesty,respect, sportsmanship, equity and fair play remain at the forefront of all competition between our schools.Together, through sports and activities, we will continue to foster our students’ development, promote their mental and physical growth and help build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Don Hinton

Executive Director

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