Weekly Reminder of Upcoming Events

MHSAA Weekly Reminder of Upcoming Events (January / February)
Jan.   9:       Mississippi Athletic Administrators Conference begins (Biloxi, MS)
Jan. 12:       MHSAA Choral Music Winter Meeting (MHSAA Office)
Jan. 26:       Bowling & Soccer regular seasons end
Jan. 24:       Archery first match begins (Classic)
Jan. 28:       Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Fast-Pitch Softball, Baseball practice begins
Jan. 29:       Soccer Playoffs – Round 1
Feb.  7:        Legislative Council / Executive Committee February Meeting
Feb.  9:        Soccer Championship Games
Feb.  9:        Basketball season ends
Feb.12:        Basketball Region Tournament begins
Feb.13:        Bowling Championships
Feb.16:        Fast Pitch & Baseball Scrimmages
VERY IMPORTANT: Please double-check schedules for the sports of basketball and soccer, i.e. maximum number of games per regular season.
Spring Sport eligibility rosters must be complete in C2C before the first contest in a sport is played.  Please double-check your eligibility rosters for spring sports team participants.
“The character you possess during the drought is what your team will remember during the harvest.”   Jon Gordon

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