The Value of Education-Based Activity Programs to Students

Incorporating sports and other activity programs within the middle school, junior high and high school settings

By combining the subjects learned in the classroom with experiences gained from the courts or fields, students have opportunities to learn important principles that help guide them for the rest of their lives. Sports and activities programs for student participants provide the following educational benefits (source: February 2009 article by David Huch published in “High School Today” magazine).
• Developing a solid work ethic that emphasizes participation and effort
• Modeling integrity and character through playing by the rules
• Developing perseverance and determination through handling adversity
• Using teamwork for a greater goal — placing the team’s success before the individual’s
• Goal-setting acquired through athletics and activities into our approach to life
• Learning sportsmanship — winning and losing humbly and graciously with dignity
The MHSAA continues to promote these lifelong skills and values that participation in sports and activities brings to our students and student-athletes. Through educational opportunities (clinics, conferences and workshops), state-of-the-art technology (online courses and research data), direct communication (e-mail blasts, the SchoolWay mobile app and social media), various sources of pertinent information and timely updates are provided to our activity directors, coaches and administrators. Utilizing these and other resources enables our school leaders to more effectively reach and teach our students as they learn and grow and seek excellence in their school-based sports or fine arts activities.
School leaders in our state understand the importance of offering the best educational opportunities (academics, athletics, fine arts activities) for our Mississippi students. We are extremely grateful for the men and women who work in our MHSAA member schools who provide not only leadership but excellent opportunities on a daily basis for our youth to enjoy the privileges of participating in extracurricular programs. These privileges are earned by disciplined behavior inside and outside the classroom and through maintaining academic standards required for every student who chooses to participate.
Elected representatives from our member  school districts  around the state continue to review current MHSAA policies and procedures contained in our state association rules and regulations handbook.
Certainly, it is necessary to keep a constant eye on change that occurs within education-based interscholastic sports and activities on both the state and national level. Maintaining openness and increased attention to any future needs for change helps us as we adapt rules and guidelines to keep them viable and up-to-date. We appreciate the efforts of these statewide educators in representing their district schools and students so well.
Our 2017 fall sports and activities programs were terrific with outstanding individual performances and team championships. We now look forward to the same excellence in our winter activities and athletics programs. Every single day at practice is time for our students to work, practice and sacrifice TOGETHER to develop life-long skills and valuable relationships that helped each one to accomplish his or her desired goal, both for today and for tomorrow. Let us always remember that these special hours at practice will one day, be more important than playoffs and championships!!
Wishing each of you a great start to 2018!

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