2017-2018 Swim Qualifying Times

Class IIClass IEventsClass IClass II
2:28.232:36.82200 Medley Relay2:29.502:18.15
2:33.892:49.30200 Freestyle2:48.042:24.49
2:53.193:26.18200 Individual Medley3:04.692:41.85
32.2536.6550 Freestyle33.7028.65
1:17.691:40.44100 Butterfly1:35.181:12.19
1:11.391:23:16100 Freestyle1:17.081:04.63
6:51.797:34.93500 Freestyle7:30.596:29.49
2:13.002:44.71200 Freestyle Relay2:25.881:54.60
1:18.291:34.60100 Backstroke1:33.591:13.59
1:29.391:46.60100 Breaststroke1:39.631:22.59
4:45.565:25.91400 Freestyle Relay4:55.374:18.52

To advance to the State Meet, competitors must qualify in the North/South Meet. The fastest six from the North Half and fastest six from the South Half, plus the next fastest four from either meet, will advance to the State Meet.

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