Important reminder for football jamborees


Fall Football Jamboree (Safety Guidelines)

Please follow the rules for teams participating in a preseason football jamboree on August 12 or August 13, 2016. No scrimmage is allowed before Friday, August 12.

RULES GOVERNING FOOTBALL, rule #2, page115, Handbook ….

“There may be a controlled scrimmage (Jamboree) allowed with another opponent after the first two weeks
of practice with a limit of two quarters. (No player, JV or Varsity, shall play more than two quarters). The
kicking game will be included in the two quarters period of time.

If you are participating in a scrimmage with an MAIS team, please be sure to follow the MHSAA guidelines above
for preseason scrimmages.

Please contact our MHSAA office (601-924-6400) if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Thank you for your leadership and guidance as you help young boys to become young men. We wish for you a terrific football season!!

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