Great Start to New Year!

Please note the upcoming First Year AD / First Year Principal Orientation session to be held at the MHSAA office on August 23rd. (Sign up for August here …. there is no cost for the orientation)

School Year Start Up … : Beginning August 1, all athletic directors must log into C2C and update school contact information for administrators and coaches and double-check the sports your school is participating in. Also, see “members only” (mymhsaa) to sign in for access to site. “Remote eligibility” step-by-step video is online to help in submitting eligible students into your school eligibility list for 2016-17.

Fall Sports Rules Completion: Head coaches are required to complete a new sports season rules meeting for their sport. The meeting was conducted at the M.A.C. annual conference in Jackson, MS and /or can be completed online at Fall sports rules meetings should be completed before the head coach participates in the first contest of the year for his/her respective sport.

New A.D. / New Principal Orientation (Aug. 23): The New First-Year Athletic Director / First-Year Principal In-service Program involves MHSAA staff and veteran athletic directors providing the most important rules and most effective management tips. Athletic Directors and Principals hired this past spring or summer are urged to attend a 2016-17 AD/Principal Orientation Program on August 23. All meetings are in the MHSAA offices from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. A registration form to sign up for one session may be downloaded from Please direct questions to Lonnie Tillman ( or see News and Announcements on homepage. No registration fee and lunch will be provided.

AD In-Service Conference for 2016-17: All Athletic Directors and Principals (C.E.U & Semi credits) should plan to attend the annual Mississippi Athletic Administrator Association (MAAA) Conference to be held January 11 – 13, 2017. Plans are being finalized to have this year’s conference at the IP Resort in Biloxi, MS. Athletic Directors who are interested will be able to participate in the NIAAA Athletic Administrators continuing education workshop for professional development credit. Details will be available shortly to register for these activities. MAAA Director Woody Barnett will be directing this years conference.

MHSAA staff is on call to meet with athletic directors or principals on a district or subject matter basis throughout the year. With the new MHSAA Handbook & Sports Information Manual, the development of Arbiter for schedules and officials, C2C Remote Eligibility, Members Only site and the up-to-date website, the MHSAA is working to communicate and provide everything necessary to meet the demand of its schools.
Workshop for Superintendents, September 20, 2016: All Superintendents are invited to a new – year orientation on September 22nd 8:30-12:30pm. Email Keith Warren ( for details. There is no registration fee for this workshop and lunch will be provided.

It is a busy time for our school administrators. Please know that the MHSAA staff is available and ready to assist you with any need you may have. We look forward to seeing you at a workshop or visiting with you in your school in the near future. Best of everything during the new school year!

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