2016 Individual Tennis Results

6A Boys Winner:Andrew Hildenbrand (Tupelo)
Runner up:Saideep Reddy (Clinton)
6A Girls Winner:Megan Humphreys (Madison Central)
Runner up:Megan Holmes (Clinton)
5A Boys Winner:Daruis Kent (Ridgeland)
Runner up:Gus Morgan (Oxford)
5A Girls Winner:Grace-Anne Jones (Oxford)
Runner up:Mikaila Coleman (Olive Branch)
4A Boys Winner:Christopher Shands (New Albany)
Runner Up:Ezra Blissard
4A Girls Winner:Melody Pei (Senatobia)
Runner Up:Ally Bowen (Lafayette)
3A Boys Winner :Larry Qu (St Andrews)
Runner Up:Brendan Jobe (Alcorn Central)
3A Girls Winner:Lillie Guida (St Patrick)
Runner Up :Anna Case (St Andrews)
1A/2AA Boys Winner:Stedman Strickland (St Joseph)
Runner Up :Chris Wilkins (Sacred Heart)
1A/2AA Girls Winner:Rachel VanHorn (Winona)
Runner Up:Nicole Becker
6A Boys Winners:Harrington/Huey (Tupelo)
Runner up :Evans/Phillips(Ocean Springs)
6A Girls Winner :Kilduff/Nash (Ocean Springs)
Runner Up:Vice/Chapman (Ocean Springs)
5A Boys Winners:Swindoll/Nash(Oxford)
Runner Up :Whitwell/Mounce (Oxford)
5A Girls Winners:Davis/Nash (Oxford)
Runner Up :Hardy/Lowery(Oxford)
4A Boys Winners:Crotts/Valadez(New Albany)
Runner Up:Hill/McMullen (Newton County)
4A Girls Winners:Walker/Hurst (Newton County)
Runner Up:Van/Davis (New Albany)
3A Boys Winners :Raucher/Seago (St Andrews)
Runner Up :Chubb/Moran (St Patrick)
3A Girls Winners :Garriga/Kaneshiro (St Andrews)
Runner Up :Finley/Mills (South Pontotoc)
1A/2A Boys Winners :Roth/Williams (Resurrection)
Runner Up:Andy/Wilkins (Sacred Heart)
1A/2A Girls Winners:Clark/Clark(Brookhaven)
Runner Up:Gaines/Upchurch( TCPS)
6A Winner :Anderson/Stockett (Madison Central)
Runner Up:Wagoner/St Amant (Ocean Spring)
5A Winner:Mauney/Vaughn (Oxford)
Runner Up :Wegner/Taylor (Stone County)
4A Winner:Male/Clayton (New Albany)
Runner Up :Huddleston/Rodriguez (Newton County)
3A Winner :Shawl/Heavener (Kossuth)
Runner Up :Lorick/Roberts (North Pontotoc)
1A/2AA Winner:Brand/Furgeson (East Webster)
Runner Up :Stockett/Welsh (St Joseph)

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