2023 MHSAA Choral SPA Superiors

2023 SUPERIOR RATINGS – Northern Region
Superior Choirs & EnsemblesSuperior Sight-ReadingSWEEPSTAKES Award
1.Choctaw County HSSATB Choir2AChoctaw County HSSATB Choir2AChoctaw County HSSATB Choir2A
2.Choctaw County HSSSA Choir2AAlcorn Central HSSAB Choir3ALafayette HSSAB Choir5A
3.Choctaw County HSMadrigals2AIndependence HSSATB Choir3ACenter Hill HSSSA Choir6A
4.Choctaw County HSTBB Choir2AWinona Secondary SchoolSATB Choir3ADesoto Central HSSATB Choir6A
5.Caledonia HSSSA Choir3AHouston HSSATB Choir4AHernando HSSATB Choir6A
6.Independence HSSATB Choir3AMooreville HSSAB Choir4AHernando HSSSA Choir6A
7.Holmes County HSSSAA Choir5ANew Albany HSSSA Choir4AOlive Branch HSSSA Choir6A
8.Holmes County HSSATB Choir5ANorth Pontotoc HSSAB Choir4AOxford HSSATB Choir6A
9.Lafayette HSSAB Choir5AHolmes County HSSATB Choir5ASouth Panola HSSATB Choir6A
10.Lafayette HSSSA Choir5ALafayette HSSAB Choir5AStarkville HSSATB Choir6A
11.Center Hill HSSATB Choir6ALafayette HSSSA Choir5AStarkville HSSSA Choir6A
12.Center Hill HSSSA Choir6AWest Point HSTwo-Part Choir5ATupelo HSSAB Choir6A
13.Desoto Central HSSATB Choir6ACenter Hill HSSATB Choir6A
14.Hernando HSSATB Choir6ACenter Hill HSSSA Choir6A
15.Hernando HSSSA Choir6ADesoto Central HSSATB Choir6A
16.Horn Lake HSSA Choir6AHernando HSSATB Choir6A
17.Horn Lake HSSA Ensemble6AHernando HSSSA Choir6A
18.Horn Lake HSTB Ensemble6AHorn Lake HSSA Ensemble6A
19.Olive Branch HSSSA Choir6AHorn Lake HSTB Ensemble6A
20.Oxford HSSATB Choir6AOlive Branch HSSSA Choir6A
21.South Panola HSSATB Choir6AOxford HSSATB Choir6A
22.South Panola HSSSA Choir6ASouth Panola HSSATB Choir6A
23.Starkville HSSATB Choir6ASouth Panola HSTBB Choir6A
24.Starkville HSSSA Choir6AStarkville HSSATB Choir6A
25.Tupelo HSSAB Choir6AStarkville HSSSA Choir6A
26.Tupelo HSMadrigals6AStarkville HSTTB Choir6A
27.Tupelo HSSAB Choir6A
2023 SUPERIOR RATINGS – Central Region
Superior Choirs & EnsemblesSuperior Sight-ReadingSWEEPSTAKES Award
1.St. Andrew’s EpiscopalSATB Choir 23ASt. Andrew’s EpiscopalSATB Choir 23ASt. Andrew’s EpiscopalSATB Choir 23A
2.St. Andrew’s EpiscopalSATB Ensemble3ABrookhaven HSSATB Choir5ARidgeland HSSATB Choir5A
3.Brookhaven HSSATB Choir5AJim Hill HSSATB Choir5ARidgeland HSSSA Choir5A
4.Brookhaven HSSAB Ensemble5ARidgeland HSSATB Choir5AClinton HSTTB Choir6A
5.Callaway HSSSA Ensemble5ARidgeland HSSSA Choir5AGermantown HSSATB Choir6A
6.Callaway HSTTB Ensemble5ABrandon HSSAB Choir6AGermantown HSSSA Choir6A
7.Jim Hill HSSATB Choir5AClinton HSSATB Choir6AMadison Central HSSATB Choir6A
8.Jim Hill HSSATB Ensemble5AClinton HSTTB Choir6AMadison Central HSSSA Choir6A
9.Jim Hill HSSSAA Ensemble5AGermantown HSSATB Choir6APearl HSSSA Choir6A
10.MS School of the ArtsSSA Choir5AGermantown HSSSA Choir6APearl HSSATB Choir6A
11.Ridgeland HSSATB Choir5AMadison Central HSSATB Choir6APearl HSTTBB Choir6A
12.Ridgeland HSSSA Choir5AMadison Central HSSSA Choir6AWarren Central HSSATB Choir6A
13.Ridgeland HSTTB Choir5ANorthwest Rankin HSSATB Choir6A
14.Ridgeland HSSATB Ensemble5APearl HSFreshmen Choir6A
15.Ridgeland HSSSA Ensemble5APearl HSSSA Choir6A
16.Brandon HSSSAA Choir6APearl HSSATB Choir6A
17.Clinton HSSSA Choir6APearl HSTTBB Choir6A
18.Clinton HSTTB Choir6AWarren Central HSSAB Choir 16A
19.Germantown HSSATB Choir6AWarren Central HSSAB Choir 26A
20.Germantown HSSSA Choir6AWarren Central HSSATB Choir6A
21.Germantown HSSATB Ensemble6A
22.Madison Central HSSATB Choir6A
23.Madison Central HSSSA Choir6A
24.Madison Central HSSSA Madrigals6A
25.Madison Central HSSATB Madrigals6A
26.Northwest Rankin HSSATB Choir6A
27.Northwest Rankin HSSSA Choir6A
28.Northwest Rankin HSSATB Ensemble6A
29.Pearl HSSSA Choir6A
30.Pearl HSSATB Choir6A
31.Pearl HSTTBB Choir6A
32.Pearl HSSATB Madrigals6A
33.Pearl HSSSAA Ensemble6A
34.Pearl HSTTBB Quartet6A
35.Pearl HSSextet6A
36.Warren Central HSSATB Choir6A
2023 SUPERIOR RATINGS – Southern Region
Superior Choirs & EnsemblesSuperior Sight-ReadingSWEEPSTAKES Award
1.Forrest County Agricultural HSSSA Choir4AForrest County Agricultural HSSAB Choir4AForrest County Agricultural HSSSA Choir4A
2.Forrest County Agricultural HSSSA Ensemble 14AForrest County Agricultural HSSSA Choir4AStone HSSSA Choir4A
3.Forrest County Agricultural HSSSA Ensemble 24AStone HSSSA Choir4ASumrall HSSSAA Choir4A
4.Newton County HSSSA Ensemble4ASumrall HSSATB Choir4ALong Beach HSSATB Choir5A
5.Quitman HSSSA Choir4AGautier HSSAB Choir5AGulfport HSSSA Choir6A
6.Quitman HSTB Ensemble4AEast Central HSSSAA Choir5AGulfport HSSATB Choir6A
7.Stone HSSSA Choir4ALong Beach HSSATB Choir5A
8.Sumrall HSSATB Choir4ABiloxi HSSATB Choir5A
9.Sumrall HSSSAA Ensemble4AGulfport HSSSA Choir6A
10.East Central HSSSAA Choir5AGulfport HSSATB Choir6A
11.East Central HSSATB Choir5A
12.East Central HSSSAA Ensemble5A
13.Gautier HSSAB Choir5A
14.Laurel HSSATB Choir5A
15.Long Beach HSSATB Choir5A
16.Long Beach HSSSA Choir5A
17.Long Beach HSTTBB Choir5A
18.Long Beach HSMadrigals5A
19.Long Beach HSSATB Ensemble5A
20.Long Beach HSSextet5A
21.Long Beach HSSSAA Ensemble5A
22.Long Beach HSTTBB Quartet5A
23.Vancleave HSSAB Choir5A
24.Biloxi HSSATB Choir6A
25.Gulfport HSSSA Choir6A
26.Gulfport HSSATB Choir6A
27.Gulfport HSTTBB Choir6A
28.Gulfport HSMadrigals6A
29.Gulfport HSFreshman Sextet6A
30.Gulfport HSVarsity Sextet6A
31.Meridian HSSSA Choir6A
32.Oak Grove HSSSA Choir6A
33.Petal HSTB Choir6A
34.Petal HSSSA Choir6A

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