Executive Committee addresses hybrid schedule, acclimatization

The following was passed by the Executive Committee on Aug. 18.

Schools who choose to go to a hybrid schedule, where at least 50% of the academic day is in-person learning, will be allowed to play their scheduled games.

Schools or students who choose to go 100% virtual will be allowed to continue to practice – with school district consent – but will not be allowed to play their scheduled games until a return to in-person learning. Schools who are 100% virtual and allow practice to continue will be limited to 2 hours per day practice at the conclusion of the regular school day.

14  day acclimatization period

Schools who are going to quarantine need to fill out the notification form on our website with the correct information to ensure they do not violate this period

If schools quarantine after the period is completed they can begin practice immediately upon return to school.

If you have completed 5 days of this period, you must practice 5 days before playing.

If less than 5 days of the acclimatization period has been completed, that school must start over.

These are the procedures for return-to-play after quarantine if schools are not allowed to practice by their local school district.

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