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2020 MHSAA Cheer-Dance Championships

All times are tentative and subject to change

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DANCE_Order of Competition_MHSAA_2020_Revised
FAQ MHSAA State Competition Spirit
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FAQ’s MHSAA State Cheer/Dance Competition

Who needs a ticket?

  • If you are not a coach, state pass holder, or athlete performing in the event, a ticket is required. At the conclusion of each session, everyone must leave the facility for sanitization purposes.

What do I (the coach) do when we arrive?

  • One coach will need to check-in at registration at your designated time on the Order of Competition. The team will need to remain outside until further instructions are given.

Can I arrive before my coaches check in time? And where can I get ready when I arrive?

  • No – One coach will need to arrive at check-in at the designated time on the Order of Competition. Athletes will need to arrive ready at their designated warm-up time.
  • Dance Teams – You will need to arrive dressed and ready to compete. A designated area will be available ONLY for a dance team changing into a second performance uniform.
  • Cheer Teams – Locker rooms will not be available on Saturday, please arrive ready to compete.

Will my assistant coaches and alternates be allowed in the warm-up and on the competition floor?

  • Due to Covid-19, this year only THREE coaches are permitted to enter team entrance, and stay with team throughout warmup and performance.
  • Registration packets will have 1 wristband unless 2 coaches were listed then the packet will have 2 wristbands. If a school needs a 3rd wristband the athletic director or an administrator must email and request a 3rd
  • Alternates must be dressed in matching school dance/cheer uniform. Alternates dressed in street clothes or dress other than dance/cheer uniform will not be allowed entrance without purchasing a ticket.

Can my team sit in the venue if it is during our event session? If so, where?

  • Yes – athletes will be allowed to sit with their coach and team ONLY in the designated team seating area. Please make sure your team is leaving a seat in between each athlete, and each athlete is wearing face coverings. At no time should athletes and spectators mingle inside the venue. Please plan for a designated meeting area outside of the venue.

What do we do after we perform?

  • After performing, all athletes will sanitize their hands and re-apply face coverings.
  • You are free to leave at this time if you wish, or you may move to the designated team seating as long as the venue capacity has not been exceeded.

Our event session has ended, are we allowed to stay and watch?

  • At the conclusion of each event session, the venue must be cleared.

Do we stay the entire session for our competing time?

  • You are welcome to stay for your entire session in your designated team seating, as long as the venue capacity has not been exceeded.

How are we doing awards?

  • Teams will remain in their designated team seating.
  • Teams who are receiving an award/trophy will come to the floor to receive their award then clear the floor.
  • Everyone will be asked to leave the facility upon the conclusion of the event session.

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