2020 New Principal/New AD Virtual Conference

The 2020 MHSAA New Principal/New AD Conference will be held virtually via Zoom on Tuesday, August 25 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.

An invitation to the conference has been emailed to the principals and athletic directors.


Welcome Don Hinton, MHSAA Executive Director
Devotion/Prayer Robert Holloway, MHSAA Assistant Director of Athletics
MHSAA Updates Don Hinton, MHSAA Executive Director
Eligibility Game Management Rickey Neaves, MHSAA Associate Director of Athletics
Dragonfly/SB Live Update Keith Warren, MHSAA Director of Technology
Paraprofessionals/CPR/First Aid LeAnna Dawson, MHSAA Assistant Director of Activities
Forms/Schedules/Sanctioning Lonnie Tillman, MHSAA Associate Director of Activities
NFHS Network Todd Kelly, MHSAA Director of Marketing
Wrap Up Conclusion Don Hinton MHSAA Executive Director

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