Legal Duties of Athletic Personnel

Athletic Administrators,

Please look forward to receiving information reminders concerning Legal Duties of Athletic Personnel in your school. There are Fourteen Points of Emphasis that we will incrementally forward (two at a time) to you by email over the next couple of weeks. Our purpose is to heighten our awareness of important steps to continue to take as we move through the 2019 spring season and cover all of bases as our school’s leader in sports and activities. We hope this review will be helpful to you!Topic: Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Administrators

I. Duty to Plan

a. Put it in writing … administrative personnel, coaching staff, support personnel … all members sign off on information

b. Develop your plan … yearly plan, employ comprehensive checklists, endorse continuing education, foster coaching competence

c. Prevent injury and loss by developing strategies through medical screening and proper use of equipment

d. Plan for a safe environment for your athletes, coaches and fans … appropriate activities, method to injury response, educate athletes and family

II. Duty to Supervise

a. Instruct staff personnel on proper supervision technique and protocol

b. Develop guidelines and place in approved policy handbook

c. In-person instruction with proper documentation of materials presented and personnel present

d. Prevent foreseeable injuries and respond to injury in an approved manner … facilities locked with no student access unless supervised, use only equipment approved by staff

e. Supervise the condition, safe usage, maintenance and upkeep of all equipment and facilities … facilities checklist inspection, document request for maintenance, equipment checklist for
every sport, maintain equipment inventory, document equipment issues and action taken, develop a system of receipt, storage and inventory of all equipment

Best Practices – Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Personnel, edited by Bob Stinchcomb, CAA and John Evers, CMAA reviewed in Fall 2016 issue of Interscholastic Athletic Administration.

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