Millsaps College will be the site of the 2016-17 Volleyball Championship Finals

2016-17 MHSAA Volleyball Championships

Class IOctober 28Belhaven4 PM
Class IOctober 28Belhaven6 PM
Class IIOctober 28Millsaps1 PM
Class IIOctober 28Millsaps3 PM
Class IIIOctober 28Millsaps5 PM
Class IIIOctober 28Millsaps7 PM
Class IOctober 29Millsaps11:30 AM
Class IIOctober 29Millsaps2 PM
Class IIIOctober 29Millsaps4:30 PM

1701 North State St.
Jackson, MS 39210

Belhaven University
1500 Peachtree St.
Jackson MS 39202

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