Baseball, basketball proposals pass

Proposal passes: The following pitch count proposal for the sport of baseball was approved by the MHSAA Executive Committee at it’s October 6, 2016 meeting.  The required pitch count rule for all teams will go into effect beginning with the 2017 baseball season.  In July 2016, the NFHS passed a safety rule requiring all state associations to implement a pitch count for the sport of baseball for the 2016-17 school year.  With short notice to comply with this requirement, MHSAA will monitor this new rule during the upcoming baseball season, evaluate at season-end, and make necessary recommendations for adjustments in future years.

_________MIN________________MAX______________Days Rest     
                   1                                     25                                    0
                  26                                    50                                    1
                  51                                    75                                    2
                  76                                   105                                   3
                 106                                  120                                   4
          Maximum                                120
           Pitches                         _________________________________
The pitch count refers to the actual pitches thrown to a batter only.
If a pitcher reaches the 120 max during the middle of a hitter/batter, he gets
to finish pitching to that batter without penalty.
Each contest must be recorded with the opposing team, noting the names of each
pitcher and how many pitches that pitcher threw in the game.  This information must
be recorded in MaxPreps, along with the results of the contest within 24 hours of the
game.  The MHSAA will provide a form that each team can complete to share with
their opponents following the game.
The use of an ineligible pitcher, one who has violated the pitch count rule, shall result
in the forfeiture of the game in which the ineligible pitcher participated as a pitcher.
The offending school will be assessed a fine of $250.00.
Proposal Passes:  Effective beginning the 2016-17 basketball season basketball warm-ups will be limited to the designated time immediately prior to the next scheduled game.  Halftime warm-ups are restricted to the participants in that particular game.

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