Pitch Count

MHSAA pitch count checklist

MHSAA Baseball Pitch-Count Checklist Download MHSAA Official Pitch-Count form from the MHSAA website, under baseball. Determine official Pitch-Count recorder. The recorder can be a coach, administer, student-athlete, or parent. Both teams must have a Pitch-Count recorder but the home team will be the official recorder. If there is a discrepancy …

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MHSAA baseball pitch count summary

MHSAA BASEBALL PITCH COUNT MIN MAX Days Rest 1 25 0 26 50 1 51 75 2 76 105 3 106 120 4 Maximum Pitches 120 Each contest must be recorded with the opposing team, noting the names of each pitcher and how many pitches that pitcher threw in the …

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MHSAA official pitch count form

MHSAA-Pitch_Count_Verification_Form Please click the link above to download the Word form. Date:  ____________________       Home Team:  _______________________     Visiting Team:  _____________________     Region Game:  ___ Non-Reg Game:  ___   *Home Team must send official pitch count to MAXPREPS immediately after game.   PITCHES DAYS REST 0-25 …

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