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MHSAA Dance Championship Schedule

Date:Dec. 10, 2021
Location:Mississippi Coliseum
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#DivisionTeam NameCoach RegistrationWarm-Up Check-In“Warm Up 5 minutes”On DeckPerform
1Varsity – Pom – LargeNatchez High School12:28 PM12:38 PM12:44 PM12:50 PM1:00 PM
2Junior High – PomPearl River Central JH School12:31 PM12:41 PM12:47 PM12:53 PM1:03 PM
3Varsity – Pom – LargeOcean Springs High School12:34 PM12:44 PM12:50 PM12:56 PM1:06 PM
4Junior High – PomHernando Middle School12:37 PM12:47 PM12:53 PM12:59 PM1:09 PM
5Varsity – Pom – LargePearl High School12:40 PM12:50 PM12:56 PM1:02 PM1:12 PM
6Junior High – PomOak Grove Middle School12:43 PM12:53 PM12:59 PM1:05 PM1:15 PM
7Varsity – Pom – LargeMyrtle Attendance Center12:46 PM12:56 PM1:02 PM1:08 PM1:18 PM
8Junior High – PomPearl JH School12:49 PM12:59 PM1:05 PM1:11 PM1:21 PM
9Varsity – Pom – LargePicayune Memorial High School12:52 PM1:02 PM1:08 PM1:14 PM1:24 PM
10Junior High – PomLewisburg Middle School12:55 PM1:05 PM1:11 PM1:17 PM1:27 PM
11Varsity – Pom – LargeMadison Central High School12:58 PM1:08 PM1:14 PM1:20 PM1:30 PM
12Junior High – PomGeorge County Middle School1:01 PM1:11 PM1:17 PM1:23 PM1:33 PM
13Varsity – Pom – LargeOak Grove High School1:04 PM1:14 PM1:20 PM1:26 PM1:36 PM
14Junior High – PomOxford Middle School1:07 PM1:17 PM1:23 PM1:29 PM1:39 PM
16Junior High – PomHancock JH School1:13 PM1:23 PM1:29 PM1:35 PM1:45 PM
17Varsity – Pom – SmallGeorge County High School1:22 PM1:32 PM1:38 PM1:44 PM1:54 PM
18Junior Varsity – PomRosa Scott School1:25 PM1:35 PM1:41 PM1:47 PM1:57 PM
19Varsity – Pom – SmallSt Patrick High School1:28 PM1:38 PM1:44 PM1:50 PM2:00 PM
20Junior High – JazzPicayune JH School1:31 PM1:41 PM1:47 PM1:53 PM2:03 PM
21Varsity – Pom – SmallPurvis High School1:34 PM1:44 PM1:50 PM1:56 PM2:06 PM
22Junior High – JazzNorthwest Rankin Middle School1:37 PM1:47 PM1:53 PM1:59 PM2:09 PM
23Varsity – Pom – SmallSouth Jones High School1:40 PM1:50 PM1:56 PM2:02 PM2:12 PM
24Junior High – JazzBiloxi Junior High1:43 PM1:53 PM1:59 PM2:05 PM2:15 PM
25Varsity – Pom – SmallHolly Springs High School1:46 PM1:56 PM2:02 PM2:08 PM2:18 PM
26Junior High – JazzOcean Springs Middle School1:49 PM1:59 PM2:05 PM2:11 PM2:21 PM
27Varsity – Pom – SmallNeshoba Central High School1:52 PM2:02 PM2:08 PM2:14 PM2:24 PM
28Junior High – JazzFlorence Middle School1:55 PM2:05 PM2:11 PM2:17 PM2:27 PM
29Varsity – Pom – SmallOxford High School1:58 PM2:08 PM2:14 PM2:20 PM2:30 PM
30Junior High – JazzPearl River Central JH School2:11 PM2:17 PM2:23 PM2:33 PM
31Varsity – Pom – SmallBay High School2:04 PM2:14 PM2:20 PM2:26 PM2:36 PM
32Varsity – Jazz – LargeNorthwest Rankin High School2:07 PM2:17 PM2:23 PM2:29 PM2:39 PM
33Varsity – Pom – SmallHernando High School2:10 PM2:20 PM2:26 PM2:32 PM2:42 PM
34Varsity – Jazz – LargeOcean Springs High School2:23 PM2:29 PM2:35 PM2:45 PM
35Varsity – Pom – SmallBooneville High School2:16 PM2:26 PM2:32 PM2:38 PM2:48 PM
36Varsity – Jazz – LargePearl High School2:29 PM2:35 PM2:41 PM2:51 PM
37Varsity – Pom – SmallEast Central High School2:22 PM2:32 PM2:38 PM2:44 PM2:54 PM
38Varsity – Jazz – LargePicayune Memorial High School2:35 PM2:41 PM2:47 PM2:57 PM
39Varsity – Pom – SmallSalem High School2:28 PM2:38 PM2:44 PM2:50 PM3:00 PM
40Varsity – Jazz – LargeOak Grove High School2:41 PM2:47 PM2:53 PM3:03 PM
41Varsity – Pom – SmallHancock High School2:34 PM2:44 PM2:50 PM2:56 PM3:06 PM
42Junior High – KickPicayune JH School2:47 PM2:53 PM2:59 PM3:09 PM
43Varsity – Pom – SmallDesoto Central High School2:40 PM2:50 PM2:56 PM3:02 PM3:12 PM
44Junior High – KickNorthwest Rankin Middle School2:53 PM2:59 PM3:05 PM3:15 PM
45Varsity – Pom – SmallPetal High School2:46 PM2:56 PM3:02 PM3:08 PM3:18 PM
46Junior High – KickOak Grove Middle School2:59 PM3:05 PM3:11 PM3:21 PM
47Varsity – Pom – SmallPoplarville High School3:01 PM3:11 PM3:17 PM3:23 PM3:33 PM
48Varsity – Jazz – SmallPurvis High School3:14 PM3:20 PM3:26 PM3:36 PM
49Varsity – Pom – SmallPearl River Central High School3:17 PM3:23 PM3:29 PM3:39 PM
50Varsity – Jazz – SmallSt Patrick High School3:20 PM3:26 PM3:32 PM3:42 PM
51Junior High – Hip HopLewisburg Middle School3:23 PM3:29 PM3:35 PM3:45 PM
52Varsity – Jazz – SmallOur Lady Academy3:16 PM3:26 PM3:32 PM3:38 PM3:48 PM
53Junior High – Hip HopFlorence Middle School3:29 PM3:35 PM3:41 PM3:51 PM
54Varsity – Jazz – SmallFlorence High School3:22 PM3:32 PM3:38 PM3:44 PM3:54 PM
55Junior High – Hip HopDesoto Central Middle School3:25 PM3:35 PM3:41 PM3:47 PM3:57 PM
56Varsity – Jazz – SmallSt Martin High School3:28 PM3:38 PM3:44 PM3:50 PM4:00 PM
57Junior High – Hip HopHancock JH School3:41 PM3:47 PM3:53 PM4:03 PM
58Varsity – Jazz – SmallVancleave High School3:34 PM3:44 PM3:50 PM3:56 PM4:06 PM
#DivisionTeam NameCoach RegistrationWarm-Up Check-In“Warm Up
59Junior High – Hip HopBrandon Middle School3:37 PM3:47 PM3:53 PM3:59 PM4:09 PM
60Varsity – Jazz – SmallD’Iberville High School3:40 PM3:50 PM3:56 PM4:02 PM4:12 PM
61Varsity – Hip Hop – LargeSouthaven High School3:43 PM3:53 PM3:59 PM4:05 PM4:15 PM
62Varsity – Jazz – SmallHancock High School3:56 PM4:02 PM4:08 PM4:18 PM
63Varsity – Hip Hop – LargeCorinth High School3:49 PM3:59 PM4:05 PM4:11 PM4:21 PM
64Varsity – Jazz – SmallGreene County High School3:52 PM4:02 PM4:08 PM4:14 PM4:24 PM
65Varsity – Hip Hop – LargeEnterprise School3:55 PM4:05 PM4:11 PM4:17 PM4:27 PM
66Varsity – Jazz – SmallPoplarville High School4:08 PM4:14 PM4:20 PM4:30 PM
67Varsity – Hip Hop – LargeSaltillo High School4:01 PM4:11 PM4:17 PM4:23 PM4:33 PM
68Varsity – Jazz – SmallPearl River Central High School4:04 PM4:14 PM4:20 PM4:26 PM4:36 PM
69Varsity – Hip Hop – LargeBrandon High School4:07 PM4:17 PM4:23 PM4:29 PM4:39 PM
70Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallAlcorn Central High School4:10 PM4:20 PM4:26 PM4:32 PM4:42 PM
71Varsity – Hip Hop – LargeCenter Hill High School4:13 PM4:23 PM4:29 PM4:35 PM4:45 PM
72Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallHarrison Central High School4:16 PM4:26 PM4:32 PM4:38 PM4:48 PM
74Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallHolly Springs High School4:32 PM4:38 PM4:44 PM4:54 PM
75Junior High – Game DayBiloxi Junior High5:02 PM5:08 PM5:14 PM5:24 PM
76Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallSumrall High School4:55 PM5:05 PM5:11 PM5:17 PM5:27 PM
77Junior High – Game DayOcean Springs Middle School5:08 PM5:14 PM5:20 PM5:30 PM
78Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallHernando High School5:11 PM5:17 PM5:23 PM5:33 PM
79Junior High – Game DayKossuth Middle School5:04 PM5:14 PM5:20 PM5:26 PM5:36 PM
80Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallSalem High School5:17 PM5:23 PM5:29 PM5:39 PM
81Junior High – Game DayGuntown Middle School5:10 PM5:20 PM5:26 PM5:32 PM5:42 PM
82Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallFlorence High School5:23 PM5:29 PM5:35 PM5:45 PM
83Junior High – Game DayBooneville JH School5:16 PM5:26 PM5:32 PM5:38 PM5:48 PM
84Varsity – Hip Hop – SmallOlive Branch High School5:19 PM5:29 PM5:35 PM5:41 PM5:51 PM
85Junior High – Game DayBrandon Middle School5:32 PM5:38 PM5:44 PM5:54 PM
86Varsity – Game Day – SmallNewton County High School5:25 PM5:35 PM5:41 PM5:47 PM5:57 PM
87Junior High – Game DayOxford Middle School5:38 PM5:44 PM5:50 PM6:00 PM
88Varsity – Game Day – SmallTishomingo County High School5:31 PM5:41 PM5:47 PM5:53 PM6:03 PM
89Junior High – Game DayDesoto Central Middle School5:44 PM5:50 PM5:56 PM6:06 PM
90Varsity – Game Day – SmallKossuth High School5:37 PM5:47 PM5:53 PM5:59 PM6:09 PM
91Varsity – Game Day – LargeNatchez High School5:50 PM5:56 PM6:02 PM6:12 PM
92Varsity – Game Day – SmallBiloxi High School5:43 PM5:53 PM5:59 PM6:05 PM6:15 PM
93Varsity – Game Day – LargeLewisburg High School5:46 PM5:56 PM6:02 PM6:08 PM6:18 PM
94Varsity – Game Day – SmallRipley High School5:49 PM5:59 PM6:05 PM6:11 PM6:21 PM
95Varsity – Game Day – LargeCorinth High School6:02 PM6:08 PM6:14 PM6:24 PM
96Varsity – Game Day – SmallOxford High School6:05 PM6:11 PM6:17 PM6:27 PM
97Varsity – Game Day – LargeSaltillo High School6:08 PM6:14 PM6:20 PM6:30 PM
98Varsity – Game Day – SmallBay High School6:11 PM6:17 PM6:23 PM6:33 PM
99Varsity – Game Day – LargeBrandon High School6:14 PM6:20 PM6:26 PM6:36 PM
100Varsity – Game Day – SmallNeshoba Central High School6:17 PM6:23 PM6:29 PM6:39 PM
101Varsity – Game Day – LargeSt Martin High School6:20 PM6:26 PM6:32 PM6:42 PM
102Varsity – Game Day – SmallD’Iberville High School6:23 PM6:29 PM6:35 PM6:45 PM
103Varsity – Game Day – LargeCenter Hill High School6:26 PM6:32 PM6:38 PM6:48 PM
104Varsity – Game Day – SmallPetal High School6:29 PM6:35 PM6:41 PM6:51 PM
105Varsity – Game Day – LargeDesoto Central High School6:32 PM6:38 PM6:44 PM6:54 PM
106Varsity – Game Day – SmallHarrison Central High School6:35 PM6:41 PM6:47 PM6:57 PM
107Varsity – Game Day – LargeVancleave High School6:38 PM6:44 PM6:50 PM7:00 PM
108Varsity – Game Day – SmallGeorge County High School6:41 PM6:47 PM6:53 PM7:03 PM

Dance Awards are located in the Mississippi Trade Mart – Hall C

3:30 PMVarsity – Jazz – Large (5)
4:00 PMJunior High – Jazz (6)
Junior High – Kick (3)
Junior High – Pom (8)
Junior Varsity – Pom (1)
4:30 PMJunior High – Hip Hop (5)
5:00 PMVarsity – Jazz – Small (11)
Varsity – Pom – Large (7)
Varsity – Pom – Small (17)
6:45 PMJunior High – Game Day (8)
7:20 PMVarsity – Game Day – Small (12)
Varsity – Hip Hop – Small (8)
7:45 PMVarsity – Game Day – Large (9)
Varsity – Hip Hop – Large (6)

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