Because of the pandemic, high schools across America face unprecedented challenges. Teenagers are challenged like never before, too. Our not-for-profit organizations—the NFHS and the NIAAA—have pooled resources to produce a series of radio PSAs designed to make the people in your community aware of these needs and how participation in high school sports and performing arts activities can help.

Schools face two big challenges:

1. Lost revenue due to the cancellation of entire sports seasons.
2. A growing number of teenagers who feel confused, lost and alone.

This year’s package of PSAs addresses these challenges and more. We encourage all radio station personnel to download and begin airing the PSAs on your station as soon as inventory allows. If you work for a school, you can use them as pre-game announcements, post them to your website, and much more.

What’s your favorite memory?

The Power of You – Control Click (Right Click) To Download

Simple Math – Control Click (Right Click) To Download

Lost And Found – Control Click (Right Click) To Download

A Simple Favor – Control Click (Right Click) To Download

The Power Of Participation – Control Click (Right Click) To Download

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