2021 Tennis Considerations for COVID

***MHSAA and the MHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee are closely monitoring the Covid19 situation across our state and will work with the Mississippi Department of Health and the Mississippi Governor’s office to ensure adherence to any guidelines/stipulations set forth from their offices.  Please visit the COVID 19 page on the MHSAA website for up to date guidance***

Team Requirements:

  • Each school should make every effort to keep their team together in and around the time of competition and reduce intermingling with other teams. Every effort will be made to insure adequate spacing in parking and team areas to allow spreading out
  • It is recommended that teams err on the side of caution in athletes with potential exposure or early symptoms and not bring them to the match. Athletes should be screened BEFORE busing to the venue, not upon arrival and if symptomatic or exposed they should not travel to the venue.
  • Schools should consider using a seating chart for buses
  • Team tents should be social distanced from each other with adequate spacing for athletes in their area.
  • Athletes should remain at the team tent when not competing


  • Coaches and support personnel should wear masks or face coverings at all times while at the competition venue
  • Teams should be prepared with a means to provide hydration, food, etc. individually for their athletes (IE disposable water cups, or individual water bottles)
  • Athletes should not visit other teams before, during, or after the match
  • Utilize available hand sanitizing stations frequently, especially after any physical contact


  • Spectators will not be allowed entry without facial coverings.
  • Spectators will be reminded with announcements and signage to practice social distancing with other spectators
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available and encouraged for use


  • Athletes should wear masks or facial coverings while at the venue, except when competing
  • Athletes should not share personal equipment, water bottles, etc.
  • Do not visit other teams before, during, or after the match
  • Players should maintain social distance from other players no shaking hands/high fives/fist bumps etc.
  • Sanitize hands frequently
  • Arrive dressed in uniform
  • Leave the court as soon as reasonably possible
  • Stay on your side of the court avoid changing ends of the court

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