2021 Powerlifting Host Sites

Class Region Host Date Contact
1A Region 1 Tupelo Christian 12-Feb Dennis Robbins
Region 2 Tupelo Christian 12-Feb Dennis Robbins
Region 3 McAdams 20-Feb Kenneth Nelson
Region 4 Sacred Heart 13-Feb Lonny Schreader
North Tupelo Christian 05-Mar Dennis Robbins
South McAdams 13-Mar Kenneth Nelson
2A Region 1 East Union 30-Jan Scott Duley
Region 2 Union 04-Feb Darryl Jones
Region 3 Puckett 06-Feb Jason Goodwin
Region 4 West Lincoln 13-Feb Brad Bland
North Union 04-Mar Darryl Jones
South West Lincoln 06-Mar Brad Bland
3A Region 1 Water Valley 30-Jan Vaughn Daniels
Region 2 Water Valley 06-Feb Vaughn Daniels
Region 3 McAdams 13-Feb Kenneth Nelson
Region 4 McAdams 13-Feb Kenneth Nelson
North Water Valley 20-Mar Vaughn Daniels
South McAdams 11-Mar Kenneth Nelson
4A Division 1 Ripley 29-Jan Perry Liles
Division 2 Ripley 30-Jan Perry Liles
Division 3 West Lauderdale 05-Feb Brock Clay
Division 4 Leake Central 28-Jan David Hardy
Division 5 South Pike 23-Jan Tyrone Varnado
Division 6 South Pike 23-Jan Tyrone Varnado
Division 7 Moss Point 23-Jan Kyle Mickelson
Division 8 Moss Point 23-Jan Kyle Mickelson
Region 1 Ripley 27-Feb Perry Liles
Region 2 West Lauderdale 05-Mar Brock Clay
Region 3 South Pike 20-Feb Tyrone Varnado
Region 4 Moss Point 20-Feb Kyle Mickelson
North Ripley 19-Mar Perry Liles
South South Pike 20-Mar Tyrone Varnado
5A Region 1 Lafayette 18-Feb Jason Russell
Region 2 East Union 29-Jan Scott Duley
Region 3 Brookhaven 30-Jan Russ Brett
Region 4 D’Iberville 13-Feb Josh Ladner
North Lafayette 11-Mar Jason Russell
South Bogue Chitto 24-Mar Chad Norton
6A Region 1 Lewisburg 30-Jan Jeremy Boler
Region 2 Lewisburg 13-Feb Jeremy Boler
Region 3 Oak Grove 26-Feb Dalton Smith
Region 4 Gulfport 20-Feb Logan Fallo
North Lewisburg 13-Mar Jeremy Boler
South D’Iberville 13-Mar Josh Ladner
Class III Division 1 Lewisburg 06-Feb Jeremy Boler
Division 2 Lewisburg 23-Jan Jeremy Boler
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5 Gulfport Logan Fallo
Division 6 Gulfport Logan Fallo
Division 7 d’Iberville 30-Jan Josh Ladner
Division 8 Ocean Springs 30-Jan Wade Vick
Region 1 Lafayette 19-Feb Jason Russell
Region 2
Region 3 Oak Grove 27-Feb Knute Douglas
Region 4 Ocean Springs 27-Feb Wade Vick
North Lafayette 12-Mar Jason Russell
South Gulfport Logan Fallo
Class II Division 1 Ripley 01-Feb Perry Liles
Division 2 Ripley 02-Feb Perry Liles
Division 3 Ripley 03-Feb Perry Liles
Division 4 Leake Central 29-Jan David Hardy
Division 5 Leake Central 04-Feb David Hardy
Division 6 Quitman 13-Feb Charlie Sorto
Division 7 South Pike 22-Jan Tyrone Varnado
Division 8 Moss Point 22-Jan Kyle Mickelson
Region 1 Ripley 26-Feb Perry Liles
Region 2 Leake Central 25-Feb David Hardy
Region 3 Quitman 06-Mar Charlie Sorto
Region 4 South Pike 19-Feb Tyrone Varnado
North Ripley 20-Mar Perry Liles
South Moss Point 20-Mar Kyle Mickelson
Class I Region 1 East Union 06-Feb Scott Duley
Region 2 East Union 05-Feb Scott Duley
Region 3 McAdams 20-Feb Kenneth Nelson
Region 4 West Lincoln No Meet Brad Bland
North East Union 06-Mar Scott Duley
South McAdams 12-Mar Kenneith Nelson

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