2020 Bowling considerations for COVID

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and there might be additional steps in each community to help prevent the spread of virus. Even when taking all precautions, there will still be risk of transmitting illnesses. Everyone should stay vigilant about the health of members of their teams. These guidelines are to be integrated with the MHSAA Fall Sports Comprehensive Guidelines, available on the MHSAA website. The situation with Covid-19 is rapidly changing. Please keep up with the latest from the CDC and the Mississippi Department of Health.

Masking and Hand Hygiene

  1. Competing students, coaches, and support personnel should be masked at all times while indoors and competing.
  2. Hand sanitizer or hand washing stations should be widely available at the venue. All personnel should sanitize their hands upon entering the facility, and after each round of competition.


Social Distancing

  1. Prior to the event, the hosting school and MHSAA will work with the venue to ensure that inside capacity will be sufficient for competing athletes and team personnel.
  2. If there are not enough lanes, teams will need to compete in flights or stages to allow for adequate spacing in the venue.
  3. If the venue is large enough to allow for extra room, first space teams to use all lanes available. If there is remaining extra lanes, consider leaving lanes between competing teams.
  4. Limit the pre-game meeting to one coach.
  5. Forego team handshakes before or after competing.
  6. Maintain social distancing 3-6 feet while in the venue.
  7. Limit travel parties to those necessary to compete and space as widely as possible on team buses.

Shared Equipment

  1. Balls, wipes and other equipment should not be shared.
  2. All personnel should have their own water bottle or separate drinks.
  3. Avoid sharing pens/pencils/score sheet


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