2020-21 Swimming Rules Changes

Swimming & Diving Rules Changes – 2020-21
By NFHS on September 01, 2020
swimming & diving
1-1-1: Additional language was added to define the end wall.
Rationale: Since swimmers may now finish the race by contacting the end wall or touchpad, a more complete definition of what constitutes the end wall was necessary.

1-4-5, 1-4-6, 9-2-1, 9-4-1d, 9-4-2, 9-4-4, 9-4-5: Diving rounds and diving sessions were defined.
Rationale: Rounds and sessions were used interchangeably in the rules book and clarity was necessary when referencing sessions during and 11-dive competition.

3-3-3 NOTE, 3-3-4c: The rule was updated to comply with current requirements of suit manufacturers.
Rationale: New language clarifies that a check mark placed adjacent to the FINA logo is compliant for high school competition.

6-3-2: New language describes the manner in which an official time is obtained.
Rationale: This rule change clarifies that other data points such as touchpad, buttons, or stopwatches may need to be used by the Referee to determine the swimmer’s time.

6-3-4: Added language describes when the backup system for timing and judging shall be operative.
Rationale: The change more accurately describes the protocol for determining an official time when automatic timing equipment malfunctions or is not activated.

9-3-3, 9-3-5: Headings were added to articles to assist with identifying a two-pronged process for entering a diver participating in a championship meet.
Rationale: New rule organization clarifies the entry process.


4-1-3, 4-1-7, 4-5-1, 4-8-1f, 4-8-2, 4-9-1, 4-9-2, 4-9-3, 3-3-4 NOTE, Appendix B


Communication between the Referee and Table
Establishing the Official Time
Diving Entries
Signals for Officiating Swimmers with Disabilities

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