2017-18 rules governing golf

  1. Boy’s golf shall be divided into five classifications: 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, (2A/1A – Class I).  Girl’s golf shall be divided -into three classes. The first match shall not be before February 26, 2018.
  2. Golf tournaments shall determine team champions.
  3. The Region and State tournaments shall be medal play. The Region tournament shall consist of at least 18 holes, and the State tournament shall consist of 36 holes.  If rain interrupts play and the tournament cannot continue, scores shall be taken through the last complete nine finished.  (9-18-27-36)
  4. All golfers shall walk during the round(s) of play. A golfer shall carry his/her own clubs or use pull carts. Golfers shall not be allowed to use a caddy.
  5. A coach or a member of the same team shall not accompany a player or teammate, or walk ahead of him, during the tournament match. The head golf coach may coach a member of his team during the time the golfers go from tee to green during a competitive round.
  6. It is recommended that no member of the same team shall play in the same threesome or foursome.
  7. A boy’s team consists of five players and the top four scores are used to determine team standing. If a school does not have four players, they can only compete for individual honors. A girl’s team consists of three players and the top two scores are used to determine team standing.  If a school does not have two players, the player can only compete for individual honors. 
  8. In the MHSAA Handbook, page 59, refer to Rules 7.6.1 and 7.6.2, regarding girls playing post season on a boys’ team.
  9. In case there is a tie for a team championship, there shall be a playoff and the team with the best score after playing the number of holes necessary to break the tie shall advance to the next higher tournament or receive the trophy. Ties for individual awards shall be resolved by playing the number of holes until a tie is broken.
  10. The Region tournament shall be held no later than April 23, 2018, and the State tournament will be held April 30 – May 1, 2018 (girls) and May 2 -3, 2018 (boys).
  11. The participating schools will be responsible to pay such green fees as assessed by the host course for the Region and State tournaments.
  12. The first three finishers in each class will receive medallions. A team champion will be declared in each classification, and each champion will receive a trophy and medallions.
  13. The maximum number of golf matches and or tournaments will be sixteen. The maximum number of matches played per school week (Monday – Friday) will be two.
  14. Golf teams shall have the option of selecting a team by holding try-outs on three consecutive weekdays after school before the third week in October. This is related to team selection only.  It does not include organized practice after the team is selected.  Organized practice will remain as it is.
  15. Qualifying scores for state tournament:
    1. Boys 5A-6A 365
    2. Boys 4A-1A 375
    3. In boys and girls golf, the Region Tournament’s first and second place individuals advance to the state tournaments. The two lowest scores (for boys, the score must be below 85) will be able to qualify other than the team qualifications. 
  16. Range Finders will be permitted, provided the players in the group share them.
  17. United States Golf Association’s (USGA) rules shall prevail, except where modified by MHSAA and/or local course rules approved by the tournament director/committee. A course’s rules shall be clearly defined in writing to coaches and
    1. his/her golfers. In questionable situations involving the rules of play or the course, golfers shall abide by the decisions made by the local professional and his/her staff.
  18. During the tournament, non-coaching spectators (parents, friends, and other golfers) shall be allowed on the course to observe golfers during play. The following rules shall apply to observers:
    1. Spectators shall be notified that they are spectators and it is not their responsibility to report possible rule violations.
    2. Spectators shall remain a reasonable distance (at least 50 yards) from golfers at all times.
    3. After play has started, spectators shall not “coach or advise” players by having neither verbal nor visual communication with golfers or interfere with play in any way at anytime. On course encouragement, support, applause, etc. is not considered coaching or advice; therefore, it is permissible.
    4. On the first violation of this rule the individual golfer shall be accessed a two-stroke penalty and the spectator shall be warned. Tournament officials shall disqualify the individual golfer if the coaching continues and the spectator shall be removed from the course.
  19. Golfers shall be required to adhere to proper sportsmanship while on the course. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as profane, vulgar and/or abusive language audible to others; carelessly and/or deliberately throwing clubs and/or slamming a club to the ground; verbalizing with intent of intimidation; or exhibiting behavior not in accordance with the spirit of fair play. Violation of this rule shall result in the following penalty structure:
  20. First Offense – Warning
  21. Second Offense – Two stroke penalty
  22. Third Offense – Disqualification (Note: If a golfer is disqualified because of an unsportsmanlike act, the act shall be reported in writing to the MHSAA.)
  23. If a golfer is disqualified during the round, his/her recorded score to that point shall be disregarded for team or individual honors.
  24. In the state tournament, if a golfer is disqualified, he/she shall be allowed to participate in the other round of the tournament.
  25. If disqualified in the first round, he/she may participate in the second round.
  26. If disqualified in the second round, he/she may use his/her score from the first round.
  27. The Executive Director shall secure possible sites for the boys’ and girls’ state golf tournaments and present them to the Executive Committee for selection. The boys’ and girls’ state hosts selected by the Executive Committee shall conduct golf tournaments. The rotation plan for conducting these tournaments shall be approved by the Executive Committee.

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