2017-18 rules governing baseball

  1. There shall be a state championship for each of the six classifications.
  2. Championships in all divisions shall be determined as follows:
    1. Refer to the MHSAA sports calendar for baseball practice and playing dates.
    2. Division championship shall be decided by a round robin schedule.
    3. The Executive Committee has developed the following tiebreaker: In case of identical division record, the following method will be used to determine the division champion: refer to Tie Breaker rule under Section D, Athletic Competition Rule.
    4. Prior to the first round, three teams will advance to the playoffs in class 5A-6Awith the # 2 team from a division and # 3 team from another division playing a one-game playoff with the # 2 team hosting. In 1A-4A, each baseball division will be allowed to advance four teams to the first round playoffs. As soon as the division champions in baseball are declared, the Executive Director will then set up the North and South playoffs, giving the specific dates, times, and places playoffs are to be held.  The school winning the division championship in each classification shall notify the Executive Director immediately so there will be no delay in setting up the North and South playoffs.
  3. Two (2) games may be played during the school week (school week defined as the start of the school day on Monday through the end of the school day on Thursday), with the exception of spring break. A total of five (5) games may be played during the calendar week (calendar week defined as Monday through Sunday).  A double header counts as two games played and every tournament game played counts as a game played.  Before play begins, the base paths and pitching distance must be regulation.  If this cannot be accomplished, the home team shall forfeit.  The umpire shall be responsible for checking the distances.  If during a tournament, one of the above mentioned infractions occur, the field will be made ready or not used.
  4. If a division game is called before completion of the number of innings and conditions as specified in rule 4-2-3 of the National Federation Baseball Rule Book, such game is considered a suspended game and shall be continued from the point of suspension at a later time at the same site.  If a regulation division tie game (5 full innings or more) is suspended, the game will be continued from the point of interruption at the site of the next division game scheduled between the opponents, otherwise the game will return to the original site of the suspended game (last game of the series).
    1. RAIN-OUTS – All cancelled or suspended games that are played less than five (5) full innings as stated above must be made up by the Thursday following the game in question.  Division games take preference over any other rescheduled game.  If a date cannot be agreed upon, the host principal must request the MHSAA to set a date.  If the host site is not playable during the first game of the division series and the opponent’s field is playable, the game sites should be reversed.
  5. A limit of 26 games including tournaments shall be played during the regular season.  Two Classic games may be played with the approval of the Executive Director. A Jamboree will consist of two-four innings contest and a pitcher will be limited to pitching two innings during the eight inning Jamboree.
  6. Seven innings shall constitute a game, but when the score is tied at the end of the seventh, additional innings shall be played to break the tie.
  7. The principal of each host school must notify the Executive Director when and where all tournament, conference, or division playoff games will be played.  After deducting a fee for umpires, the State Association shall receive 30% of the gross gate receipts for all games leading to North/South and State Championships.  The host school is responsible for collecting and remitting to MHSAA.
  8. Trophies shall be furnished by the MHSAA to the North and South baseball champions and to the first and second place winners in the State finals of all classifications.
  9. MHSAA Pitch Count:  1-25 pitches 0 days rest; 26-50 pitches 1 day rest; 51-75 pitches 2 days rest; 76-105 pitches 3 days rest; 106-120 pitches 4 days rest.  Maximum pitches – 120.  Each contest must be recorded with the opposing team, noting the names of each pitcher and how many pitches that pitcher threw in the game.  This information must be recorded in MaxPreps, along with result of the contest within 24 hours of the game.  The MHSAA will provide a form that each team can complete to share with their opponents following the game.  Failure to properly submit the pitch-count information will result in a penalty.  The use of an ineligible pitcher, one who has violated this rule, shall result in the forfeiture of the game in which the ineligible pitcher participated as a pitcher and the offending school will also be assessed a fine of $250.00.
  10. Junior varsity games will be limited to 1½ hours or 5 innings.
  11. Division games must be played one week prior to the play-in round.
  12. Report game scores on MaxPreps. Required for regular-season and post-season games.

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