End of School Year Communication to Member Schools

MHSAA Member Schools,

As we look back on the 2016-17 school year, we feel tremendously blessed to be involved in education-based interscholastic sports and activity programs. Our goals of enhancing student-participation, optimizing performance and promoting health and safety were centers of focus throughout the entire year. The values and lessons our Mississippi students learned through participation in interscholastic activities continues to be an integral part of the educational curriculum and provides life lessons for adolescents’ journey to adulthood.

Our association had a great year overall and we appreciate the cooperation we received from our member schools. Our championships and activity programs were outstanding and we will continue our efforts to enhance these events in future years to come. New and improved safety rules and guidelines, from limiting practice time in football, to counting pitches in baseball, were effectively passed and put into place. Good sportsmanship and constituent relationships will remain at the top of the list of important objectives for the upcoming school year.

Much has happened with the advancement of technology and innovated communication techniques within our association and its’ member schools. The MHSAA website, along with C2C Schools software has enabled our school administrators, directors and coaches to prepare, organize, document and more effectively communicate necessary information to the state association. The MHSAA is current with state-of-the art communications and technology that has made a difference in effective communications with member schools.

The number of participants in our Mississippi public, private and parochial school sports and activities continues to increase. Although there were events that could have slowed the growth of school-based activities – from the concern about concussions in some sports to the involvement in non-school club programs to funding issues in schools – middle school and high school students continue to express their desire to be involved in sports and activities within their local school setting.

More than 130 students from MHSAA member schools gathered in Pearl, MS, for our first-ever Mississippi Student Leadership Summit. Workshop sessions led by experts involved themes such as relationship building, perspective and inclusion, and communication and team. The students were encouraged to take the lessons they learned back home to apply in their schools and communities.

The MHSAA Legislative Council (41 members), Executive Committee (15 members) and District Secretaries (8) continue to provide the leadership that is vital to the effectiveness of the state association. Meetings are held throughout the school year to communicate important information, address new proposals for change and to administer the business of the association.

Special thanks to our member schools for supporting our efforts in emphasizing academics, good sportsmanship, and involvement of as many of our students as possible in our activities. YOU are the key to our success. Working together, we will continue to keep the doors of opportunity open for young people to be involved in education-based activity programs in our great state.

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