Statewide pass form instructions


All statewide passes will be processed via online.

Click on this link to download Excel spreadsheet: Statewide pass spreadsheet

After entering data in the online statewide pass form, save your file under Microsoft Excel as (Name of) School 2019 Statewide Pass.   You will email your completed statewide pass form to Mary Mitchell will send a reply indicating she has received the form. You will print out a copy of this form to include with your check or purchase order.

There is a signature line on the front left corner of the form for the Superintendent or Principal to sign. Please have this signed and send a printed copy with your purchase order or check. Upon receipt of your check or purchase order, MHSAA will mail the passes.

Contact persons at MHSAA who will be able to help you with this procedure:

Keith Warren, Director of Technology, 601-924-6400 Ext 518

Joyce Franklin, Chief Financial Officer, 601-924-6400 Ext 511

Mary Mitchell, Administrative Assistant Activities, 601-924-6400 Ext 526

Data Information at the top of the form:
Please complete all lines at left side of the form. You must have the form signed by your Principal or Superintendent when you send check or purchase order. This information is where we will mail your statewide passes.

School Name
Be specific about the School Name. Do not put the word Bartlett. Instead type Bartlett High School. Use upper case and lower case letters for the school name. Do not use all uppercase. If you have persons such as principals at other schools, list the name of the school location where they are located.

First Name
Type first name in this field with the first letter capitalized.

Last Name
Type last name in this field with the first letter capitalized.


Please type in one of these responses:

Yes-Certified SDE

No-Not Certified SDE 

Job Title
Below is the list of job titles.  If you do not find a job title for an employee, the Superintendent of the district must submit on district letterhead, the name of the person and their job title and the reason why they are requesting a pass for that individual. This should be submitted with a separate check or PO.

Administrative Asst (Must Be Certified)
Assistant Superintendent
Athletic Coach
Athletic Director
Assistant Athletic Director
Band Director
Assistant Band Director
Cheerleading Coach (Head)
Assistant Cheerleading Coach
Choral Director (Head)
Assistant Choral Director
Dance Coach (Head)
Assistant Dance Coach
Game Administrator
Paraprofessional Coach
Principal (Alternative School)
Principal (High School)
Principal (Middle School)
Principal (Elementary School)
Assistant Principal (High School)
Assistant Principal (Middle School)
Assistant Principal (Elementary School)
School Board
Security (Travels with Team)
Speech and Debate Coach (Head)
Assistant Speech and Debate Coach
Tribal Council (Indian Schools Only)
Tribal Staff (Indian Schools Only)
Vocational Director 

The name of the spouse needs to be listed on the row under the employee on the statewide pass request form. If they do not have the same last name, please fax a letter to MHSAA 601-924-1725 explaining that they are married. Under the Job Title List on the Statewide Pass Form, you will find a selection for “Spouse”.

Retired Coaches/Retired Administrators
Do not put retired coaches or retired administrators on this school statewide pass list. You must call the MHSAA office to request a special form for processing retired coaches/retired administrators. Call 601-924-6400 and ask for Lesley McClendon. You will need to indicate how many forms she will need to mail. One form for each retired coach or retired administrator.  Retired coaches and retired administrators cannot be processed online.

Primary Sport Coached
Please type in this blank the major sport coached. Indicate what sport paraprofessional coaches are coaching.

Baseball (Head)
Baseball (Assistant)
Basketball (Head Girls)
Basketball (Head Boys)
Basketball (Asst. Girls)
Basketball (Asst. Boys)
Cross Country (Head Girls)
Cross Country (Head Boys)
Cross Country (Asst. Girls)
Cross Country (Asst. Boys)
Football (Head)
Football (Assistant)
Golf (Girls)
Golf (Boys)
Soccer (Head Girls)
Soccer (Head Boys)
Soccer (Asst. Girls)
Soccer (Asst. Boys)
Softball (Head)
Softball (Assistant)
Track (Head Girls)
Track (Head Boys)
Track (Asst. Girls)
Track (Asst. Boys)

When you enter a name, this column automatically puts the amount of the pass in this field.

You will get a total on the second page. Please go to the top right of the form and type in your total passes. This will multiply the number of passes times the cost of the pass and give you a total cost.

Do Not Skip Lines
If you skip a line, it will print a blank pass, and your total of your check will not match the passes printed.

Replacement Pass
Cost of a replacement pass is $40.00. A replacement pass will have to be requested on letterhead. It will not be processed online.

Paraprofessional Coaches
If you are not sure whether this paraprofessional coach has proper certification to be placed on this statewide pass list, DO NOT SUBMIT. If you submit their name and send your money and they do not have proper certification, there will be NO REFUND of money. When this statewide pass list is submitted, MHSAA prints state passes for every name on this list. If you have a paraprofessional coach on this list that is not certified, we will print the pass and hold it pending certification. If you never get this coach certified and we are unable to release this pass, then you have forfeited your $30 for this pass, as well as the $30 for the spouse pass. Your best protection is not to submit this person unless you are absolutely sure they are certified. You can always submit them on a separate list.

Number of Statewide Pass Lists That Can Be Submitted
You can submit as many statewide pass list request forms as you like.

Click here to download these instructions in a Word document:


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