MHSAA pitch count checklist

MHSAA Baseball Pitch-Count Checklist

  1. Download MHSAA Official Pitch-Count form from the MHSAA website, under baseball.
  1. Determine official Pitch-Count recorder. The recorder can be a coach, administer, student-athlete, or parent.
  1. Both teams must have a Pitch-Count recorder but the home team will be the official recorder. If there is a discrepancy with the pitch-count, the home team is the official book.
  1. During the pre-game meeting, umpires will ask both coaches if they have a Pitch-Count recorder, if not, one will be required before the game will start.
  1. Pitch-Counters are recommended to verify pitch count after each inning with each other.
  1. At the conclusion of the game coaches are to verify Pitch-Count document and sign-off.
  1. The MHSAA Official Pitch-Count document is to be filed with the home team.
  1. Pitch-Count verification must be entered in MaxPreps immediately after the game.
  1. If the C2C Pitch-Count app or the MaxPreps Pitch-Count app is being used by Both teams, the home team pitch counter is still the official recorder but the hard copy document does not have to be signed because the document will be uploaded through the apps.

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