It’s that time of year: Proactive Sports Reminders

It’s that time of year: Proactive Sports Reminders

1) Region play has begun in the sport of football. The rivalry and intensity of the games has picked up for our players, coaches and fans. Please continue to follow your security plan and make good sportsmanship a top priority.

Head coaches, please make sure you have informed your players and assistant coaches about staying on the sideline if a fracas or altercation occurs. A plan of action can easily be practiced on Thursdays (like practicing for a hands-team).

Rule: If a team leaves the sideline or bench and enters the court or playing surface during an altercation, the team will be penalized, players suspended, and may be removed from post-season play.

2) Winter sports starting date (October 17) is just around the corner. Please make sure your coaches follow the MHSAA Sports Calendar for start and end of season dates in their respective sports. (Basketball, bowling, soccer, powerlifting)

Shoot-arounds or “just opening the gym” for players after school or on the weekends are not allowed. Before of after school practices for winter sports cannot begin before the appropriate start date (October 17, 2016). Scrimmages with other schools are not allowed until the 1st scrimmage date (October 29) listed on the sports calendar.

3) The MHSAA Sports Calendar lists maximum number of contests /games to be played in a season. Please double-check the number of contests on your winter sports schedules to make sure the correct number will be played.

We’ve had a great start to the 2016-17 school year. Special thanks to our administrators and coaches for being proactive and taking care of business.

Together, we will continue to make a difference!!

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