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2016-17 Class 3A Slow Pitch Brackets

Oct.  11

Oct.  15

Oct.  18





Region 1 Winner   (H)



State Slow Pitch







 North Pontotoc



Region 2 Runner Up








Region 3 Winner   (H)






Mooreville (H) 










North State



Region 4 Runner Up




 South Pontotoc





Region 2 Winner   (H)






 South Pontotoc














Region 1 Runner Up










Region 4 Winner   (H)






 Nettleton (H)









 Humphrey’s County





Region 3 Runner Up


State Championship
Oct. 22


 Choctaw Central



Region 5 Winner   (H)





 Choctaw Central














Region 6 Runner Up


 Choctaw Central








Region 7 Winner   (H)






 Wesson (H)









 Jefferson County





Region 8 Runner Up

South State

Choctaw Central 





Region 6 Winner   (H)






 Philadelphia (H)














Region 5 Runner Up


 Perry Central



 Perry Central





Region 8 Winner   (H)






 Perry Central









 Franklin County





Region 7 Runner Up









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