2016 Speech & Debate Fall Meeting

2016 MHSAA Fall Meeting Agenda

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Speech & Debate Coordinating Committee

2016-2017 Speech & Debate Calendar


August 19-20, 2016

FRIDAY – AUGUST 19, 2016

08:00 am         –           Registration/Refreshments/Reconnections

09:00 am         –           Welcome, Explanation of Schedule, Mr. Shane Cole (MHSAA)

09:30 am         –           Jackson CFL Info/Dates, Mr. Jharick Shields (JCFL)

09:45 am         –           Biloxi CFL Info/Dates,  Mrs. Anita Boyd (BCFL)

10:00 am         –           NSDA Magnolia District Info/Dates, Mrs. Kelly Garner (NSDA Chair)

11:00 am         –           MHSAA Rules/Schedule/Deadlines, Mr. Shane Cole (MHSAA)

12:00 noon      –           LUNCH

01:00 pm         –           Events – How to Train Your Judges (And You)

  • The NSDA Training Videos
  • Judge Packets (NSDA Events)
  • Debate Notes – Sonya Harvey
  • Individual Events – Scott Waldrop
  • The Process for a Judge – Anita Boyd
  • Writing a Ballot (What is Needed) – Micah Everson

03:00 pm         –           End of the Day Q&A Discussion

04:00 pm         –           Dismiss for the Day


08:30 am         –           Registration/Refreshments

09:00 am         –           Call Meeting to Order – Introductions

09:15 am         –           Old Business (Rules that Begin this Season)

  • Change in Qualifications
    • Novice Rule Change
    • State Finalist Change
  • Change in # of Events possible
  • In-State Qualifications Only
  • 10 Wild Cards for NSDA Participation

10:00 am         –           New Business

  • New Tournament Day Schedule
  • Judge “Dance” Cards
  • Tournament Set Up
  • Potential Rule Change – Middle School Competitors can maintain Novice DEBATE status in the 9th Grade, but not IE Novice Status.
  • Potential Rule Change – Allow for Decisions to be Announced in Debate Break Rounds with the Exception of Finals. This also does not include Disclosure.
  • Congress Changes
    • All MHSAA Tournaments will use the same Bill Books. There will be a set of Legislation for the Fall Semester and another for Spring Semester.
      • Fall Deadline to Submit is 9/15/2016.
      • Spring Deadline to Submit is 11/18/2016.
    • A school may submit up to six pieces of legislation for each semester
    • BCFL, JCFL, NSDA, and MHSAA tournaments will create separate and independent bill books specifically for their tournaments.
    • Dockets for each tournament will be preassigned, but students will be able to vote on which order they would like to debate them in.
    • 8 pieces of legislation will be assigned to each tournament for preliminary rounds, and 5 for Finals (if the tournament has a final).

11:30 am         –           LUNCH

12:30 pm         –           The Status of POI and INF

01:00 pm         –           Ethics in Performance/MHSAA Decency Clause

02:00 pm         –           Coaching Ethics – What’s Okay and What’s Not?

03:00 pm         –           Dismissal

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