Softball (Fast Pitch)

Keith Warren/MHSAA

2016 Important Dates

Feb. 1 Practice begins
Feb. 20 Scrimmage
Feb. 26-27 Classic games
Feb. 29 First game
April 21 End of season
April 22 Playoffs begin
May 12, 14 Championships


Rules & Equipment

Game Balls

All game balls used during regular season and state playoff contests must have the National Federation Stamp.

Fast Pitch Softball
WTA9011BSST (12" size)

Easton removing bats from certified bat list Please Note!

Banned Softball Bats

ASA Bat Performance Standards

ASA routinely and randomly audits compliance with the ASA Bat Performance Standard by testing samples of certified bats.

The latest softball (fast pitch) updates are listed on the NFHS website.

2015 Rules Clinic

Eligibility Roster

Coaches: the Team Eligibility Roster is now handled in C2C. If your roster is not complete on C2C, you should submit the old form to our office as soon as you qualify for the first round of playoffs in a sport. If your Eligibility Roster is not completed and submitted to MHSAA before the first round of playoffs you will be fined $50.00 immediately.

2016 Championships

2016 Fast Pitch Softball State Championships
Freedom Ridge Park, Ridgeland, Miss.

May 12

2A 10:00 11:30
4A 11:30 1:00
6A 1:00 2:30
1A 3:00 4:30
3A 4:30 6:00
5A 6:00 7:30

May 13

2A 10:00 11:30
4A 11:30 1:00
6A 1:00 2:30
1A 3:00 4:30
3A 4:30 6:00
5A 6:00 7:30

May 14

Game 3 will begin at 12:00 with 1st qualifier
If more than 4 game 3s, the 5th qualifier for game 3 will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Tournament Format

  • All games will be played on the Red Field
  • No infield will be taken on the game field
  • Infield and warm-ups to be taken on other fields prior to game time
  • Pitchers should be warmed up and ready for pre-game introductions
  • 3rd base dugout will be the North
  • 1st base dugout will be the South
  • Coin toss will decide the home team before game 1 and game 3
  • Game 2  home team to be determined by the loser of game 1 coin toss.
Mississippi Softball
Keith Warren/MHSAA
Mississippi Softball
Keith Warren/MHSAA

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