Eligibility Roster

Coaches: the Team Eligibility Roster is now handled in C2C. If your roster is not complete on C2C, you should submit the old form to our office as soon as you qualify for the first round of playoffs in a sport. If your Eligibility Roster is not completed and submitted to MHSAA before the first round of playoffs you will be fined $50.00 immediately.

Rules & Standards

  1. Eligibility requirements and academic requirements are the same in archery as in all other sports/activities.
  2. Competition rules from the National Archery in the School Program will be used.
  3. Archery is sanctioned sport, but not a sanctioned state championship.
  4. The maximum number of matches per week will be one.
  5. Practice begins on Feb. 2.
  6. The first match will not be before March 2.
  7. Coaches must complete an eight-hour clinic and pass a test to be certified through the Mississippi Archery in the Schools Program. The Foundation for MS Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks will provide certification classes.
  8. Schools will utilize standardized equipment required by the National Archery in the Schools Program.


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