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Mississippi Forensics coaches converged at MHSAA for the annual workshop where Mr. James Hoggatt, past President of the Wisconsin Debate Coaches' Association, presented a tutorial on Lincoln Douglas Debate and Public Forum Debate. Mr. Hoggatt is a former MHSAA State Champion in Lincoln Douglas Debate (2006) and student of Mrs. Carol Clanton, Brookhaven High School.

DeSoto County Tournament Results

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Construction of an Effective Argument

Public Forum Debate

Ole Miss Invitational results 

Congratulation to Dr. Barbara Lowe, Oxford High School, for being named the 2013-2014 MHSAA Outstanding Speech, Debate, and Theatre Educator of the Year.

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 Tournament Results:

2013 Petal Invitational Tournament Results
2013 Novice Tournament Results
2012 Pascagoula High School Results
2012 25th Hub City Classic Invitational
2012 Tupelo High School Rock and Roll Tournament Results
2012 MHSAA State Championships
2011 John C. Stennis Novice Tournament
2011 Ole Miss Invitational Tournament
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2011 Oak Grove Warrior Invitational Tournament
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Congratulations to Coach Maier of St. Andrew's Episcopal School Forensics for being named the 2012 National Federation of High Schools Speech, Debate and Theatre Association Section III award recipient representing Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
We are all very proud of the fine job Darin has done over the years at St. Andrew's!


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2012-2013 Coordinating Committee 2012-2013 MHSAA COORDINATING COMMITTEE FOR SPEECH AND DEBATE MHSAA Coordinator for Speech and Debate: Scott Waldrop (Hattiesburg HS) 
Chair of the Mississippi Forensic League: Shane Cole (Oak Grove HS) 
Moderator of the Biloxi Catholic Forensic League: Kelly Garner (Petal HS) 
Moderator of the Jackson Catholic Forensic League: Sonya Harvey (Madison Central HS)  Coach from BCFL: Paul VanZandt (Sacred Heart Catholic School) 
Coach from JCFL: Darin Maier (St. Andrew’s Episcopal School) 
Alternate from BCFL: Jessica Wilkinson (Pascagoula HS) 
Alternate from JCFL: Alicia Robinson (New Albany HS) 
Coach from a program less than 5 years old: Barbara Lowe (Oxford HS)



The 2013 MHSAA State Speech and Debate Championships were held at Hattiesburg High School on April 26-27. 20 schools competed in 17 events over the course of two weekends. The first annual MHSAA State Championship in Congressional Debate occurred at Madison Central High School on April 20. Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy Debates were held at Hattiesburg High School on April 26-27 in addition to thirteen speech events. The following schools participated in the tournament:

  • Brookhaven High School, Coach, Carol Clanton
  • DeSoto Central High School, Coach, Michelle Cummings
  • Hattiesburg High School, Coach, Scott Waldrop
  • Hernando High School, Coach, Kristina Ackerman
  • Horn Lake High School, Coach, Laura Laporte
  • Lake Cormorant High School, Coach, Katherine Wiley
  • Madison Central High School, Coach, Sonya Harvey
  • Murrah High School, Coach, Micah Everson
  • New Albany High School, Coach, Alicia Robinson
  • Oak Grove High School, Coach, Shane Cole
  • Oxford High School, Coach, Barbara Lowe
  • Pascagoula High School, Coach, Jessica Wilkinson
  • Petal High School, Coach, Kelly Garner
  • Ridgeland High School, Coach, Bonnie Ballard
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School, Coach, Paul VanZandt
  • Saint Stanislaus, Coach, Ken France
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Coach, Darin Maier
  • St. Joseph Catholic School, Coach, Pamela Walberg
  • Tupelo High School, Coach, Mitchell Turner
  • West Harrison, Coach, Brian Hill

Congressional Debate Champion, Vineet Aggarwal, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Policy Debate Champions, Lauren Allen and Nikhil Arora, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Public Forum Debate Champions, Vineet Aggarwal and Karnessia Georgetown, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Lincoln Douglas Debate Champion, Raveena Aggarwal, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Prose Interpretation Champion, Rachel Hummel, Oak Grove High School
Extemporaneous Speaking Champion, Vineet Aggarwal, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Dramatic Interpretation Champion, Treya Brown, Hattiesburg High School
Impromptu Speaking Champion, Mary Ryan Karnes, Oak Grove High School
Expository Speaking Champion, Racquel Downing, Sacred Heart Catholic School
Storytelling Champion, Madison Kolbo, Petal High School
Humorous Interpretation Champion, Madison Kolbo, Petal High School
Original Oratory Champion, Mary Ryan Karnes, Oak Grove High School
Poetry Interpretation Champion, Treya Brown, Hattiesburg High School
Television Commentary Champion, Vineet Aggarwal, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Declamation Champion, Kenneth Eaton, Oak Grove High School
Duo Interpretation Champions, Deja Samuel and Isreal Lyons, Hattiesburg High School
Duet Acting Champions, Ahmarey Stimley and Zhariah Hubbard, Hattiesburg High School

MHSAA State Sweepstakes Champions, Oak Grove High School

MHSAA State Individual Sweepstakes Champion, Vineet Aggarwal, St. Andrew's Episcopal School


DATE OF 2013 MHSAA Speech and Debate Coaches Workshop, August 23-24

MHSAA Congressional Debate Championships

The first annual MHSAA Congressional Debate Championships were held at Madison Central High School in Madison, Mississippi, on April 20, 2013. 

The tournament featured 65 congressional debaters in four preliminary chambers. 20 students advanced to the Super Session with the following results:

Preliminary Chamber Presiding Officers:
HOUSE I-Will Smith, Petal HS
HOUSE II-Albert Nabiullin, Sacred Heart
HOUSE III-Robert Tatum, Madison Central HS
HOUSE IV-Robert Green, Hattiesburg HS

The following students received Parliamentary Procedure awards in the preliminary session:
1. Ryan Cone, Oak Grove HS
2. Joshua McCoy, Oak Grove HS
3. Jennifer Lott, Petal HS
4. Lee Sims, Hattiesburg HS
5. Vineet Argarwal, Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
1. Chancellor Strange, Hattiesburg HS
2. Will Smith, Petal HS
3. Manisha Dubey, Madison Central HS
4. Tyler Santiago, Saint Stanislaus HS
5. Caleb Daniels, West Harrison Central HS
1. Robert Green, Hattiesburg HS
2. Shari Perkins, Madison Central HS
3. Chris Perkins, Saint Stanislaus HS
4. Johanna Masterson, Petal HS
5. Abby Nguyen, Oak Grove HS
1. Parker Krag, Hattiesburg HS
2. Robert Tatum, Madison Central HS
3. Ashley Reynolds, Petal HS
4. Kenneth Eaton, Oak Grove HS
5. Jermaine Van Buren, Oak Grove HS
1. Chris Perkins, Saint Stanislaus HS
2. Vineet Argarwal, Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

1st Place, Vineet Aggarwal, Saint Andrew's Episcopal School
2nd Place, Jennifer Lott, Petal HS
3rd Place, Albert Nabiullin, Sacred Heart
4th Place, Wilson Gage Angle, Tupelo HS
5th Place, Chris Perkins, Saint Stanislaus HS
6th Place, Robert Green, Hattiesburg HS

Additionally, a Lifetime Achievement award for Congressional Debate was presented to Ms. Alicia Robinson, New Albany HS.

Upcoming Events

Honorable Recognitions

Congratulations Brother Dennis Gunn, St. Joseph Catholic School 2010-2011 MHSAA Speech, Debate, and Theatre Educator of the Year.

Congratulations Stacy Howell, Ridgeland High School National Federation of High Schools, Region III Speech, Debate, and Theatre Educator of the Year

Cory Williams, a student at Hattiesburg High School, was named the 2010 National Forensic League Student of the Year. Cory Williams was also in the FINAL ROUND of Dramatic Interpretation at the tournament. He finished 6th in the event. He is the first Mississippi student to make it to the final round of a Main Event at NFL.  Cory Williams will attend Vanderbilt University.This is a huge honor for Mississippi! Cory will travel the country next year speaking on behalf of the NFL.

2011 Mississippi Forensic League District Team

Congratulations to Hattiesburg High School and Ridgeland High School for capturing national championships at the 2011 National Individual Events Tournament of Champions held at St. Mary's Hall in San Antonio, Texas, May 13-15.

76 schools from the across the nation participated in the tournament that showcases the country's best and brightest in interpretation events.

Kristen Dupard, Ridgeland High School, coached by Mrs. Stacy Howell, claimed first place in Dramatic Interpretation. 

Jaylen Easmond and Aaron Watson, Hattiesburg High School, coached by Mr. Scott Waldrop, took top honors in Duo Interpretation.

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