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Para-Professional Procedures

Steps to becoming a Paraprofessional

Step 1: At the school level, you must by law have a Background Check through the school. Once the individual is cleared through the background check, then the following steps below need to be followed.

Step 2: The individual must acquire permission from the Principal or Athletic Director of the school.

To acquire permission to be a paraprofessional, you must have the following modules:

  1. Fundamentals of Coaching (at nfhslearn.com $75.00)
  2. Safety/First Aid (at nfhslearn.com $50.00)
    1. In lieu of Safety/First Aid modules, the individual may choose to take the NCSS Prepare Safety (at sportssafety.org)
  3. After completion of these two modules:
    1. The certificates of completion MUST be printed from the website
    2. A copy MUST be sent to MHSAA to accompany the individuals name to show proof of their eligibility.
  4. In lieu of the Fundamentals of Coaching and Safety/First Aid modules, the individual will have to show proof from a college transcript that the individual has taken these courses through a college.

Step 3: Once the individual has acquired permission, the Principal or Athletic Director must submit in writing to MHSAA names of the individuals and the sport he/she will be assisting.

Step 4: Once approved by MHSAA, then at the school level the para-professional coaches must take and complete the following:

  1. A hands-on CPR training (locally)
  2. Concussion in Sports on-line at nfhslearn.com
  3. T.A.R. Sportsmanship on-line at www.starsportsmanship.com